BodyImagery is the use of imagery in connection with psychotherapy to allow people to understand more deeply how their perception of whatever challenges they bring to psychotherapy informs their mental health.  Anxiety spectrum disorders, depression and distorted body image can inform one’s ability to love and work -- age old measures of psychological health and well being.  Mind-Body Medicine is one way to gain a deeper understanding on how one’s mind in some ways determines the state of one’s body.    Below are two of the programs presently being offered.

Dr. Zalma offers a specific 3-month program as well as her longer-term work.   Both utilize and access "right brain" experiences.  Such experiences have been shown to decrease inflammatory cytokines1,2 which are implicated in the both the treatment of depression and obesity.  They may have some influence on the amelioration of symptoms of depression and anxiety, and may promote one’s attainment of one’s ideal body weight.

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