Dr. Zalma received her medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine in 1997, her medical internship at Harvard Medical School in 1999 and completed her residency at Oregon Health and Sciences in 2002.  Her areas of specialty include Mind-Body Medicine and the psychoanalytic perspective on trauma, depressive and anxiety spectrum disorders, as well as eating disorders and body image.  She has served as a faculty member with the Contemplative Health Project, an international meditation project designed to study meditation with many patient populations.

She has authored several medical articles in addition to her CD entitled BodyImageryTM, a comprehensive aid to achieving guided mediation-based therapy for her areas of interest as above. Dr. Zalma is a Board Certified Psychiatrist by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.   She currently is in private practice in the state of Oregon.

She has given numerous talks on the treatment of eating disorders and body image within the psychiatric community as well as the public school system in the state of Oregon.  She continues to study the emotional and physical effects of guided imagery meditation in combination with music as well as compassion meditation relevant to health and well being in the aftermath of the disorders as stated above.  She also is interested in the physiological mechanisms by which inflammatory processes promote disease states such as anxiety spectrum disorders and depression, and how they impair optimal psychosocial functioning.